Unlimited Home Internet Subscription
Unlimited Home Internet Subscription

Unlimited Home Internet Subscription – Who Needs It and Who Doesn’t

Unlimited Home Internet Subscription

Believe it or not – not everyone needs unlimited home internet. First off, we need to define what the phrase means. Well, the easiest way to describe unlimited internet is “doing what you like, whenever you like, without worrying about paying for excess usage fees, data limits or speed being reduced once you go over the limits.” In clearer terms, you won’t feel stressed if you go beyond your data limit if you have an unlimited data plan which would otherwise impede your speed or if not, make you pay for overages.

Second, internet usage

Second, internet usage all depends on what kind of a user you are because there could be activities you might be doing at home that don’t require too much internet, or otherwise. There are many things you can do with limitless data or an unlimited broadband plan, which can be brought to your home through options such as the cable, ADSL, ADSL2, and the recently completed rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

And yet, here’s the thing, the unlimited data you get on your smartphone is not what you think it is for there’s a limit on high-speed data whatever plan you’re paying for. Sure, you won’t be charged for excesses but mind you, your data will come crawling!

Who Need Unlimited Broadband/Data Plan

Are you a heavy data user? How many internet users are there in your household? Now, let’s find out if you’re one of those who need or don’t need an unlimited home internet subscription.

The users who are hooked into these activities below are clearly the ones who need it:

  • Constant watching/streaming television, YouTube and Netflix without lagging
  • Streaming audio or high-resolution videos through an app or via the Web
  • Downloading huge file such as videos or music
  • Regular online gaming
  • Loading sites that are considered “image-heavy”
  • Video calling
  • Running speed tests
  • Using social media apps like Tumblr, Tik Tok and Instagram.
  • Having GPS and ride-sharing apps such as Uber, DiDi, etc

 Who Don’t Need Unlimited Broadband/Data Plan

People who do the following activities surely don’t need it:

  • Doing/checking emails
  • Regular web browsing
  • Occasional music and video streaming
  • Intermittent TV streaming
  • Random Spotify listening
  • Moderate use of social media
  • Reasonable video streaming

 Data You Use in Reality

Knowing how much data you use in real life matters a lot. When you say standard unlimited data plan, it normally refers to such things without limit as minutes, messages, high-speed data but up to a certain point. Major providers typically cap their high-speed data up to 22-23GB. But, how much of it do you use?

Based on recent mobile data reports, around 7GB of mobile data is consumed by people in America per month. However, experts estimate that the average smartphone user uses only 2-3GB of data per month.

Average means the occasional streaming of films and music, email, and web browsing. Even if you stream music from the Pandora app, for more than 30 hours, that only takes less than 1GB. Thus, if you’re more of an average user, a plan of 3-4GB would give you more bandwidth for your phone. With 4 users in your household, that would be a total consumption of around 12GB of data per month.

Now, ask yourself – do you need unlimited home internet?

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