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Why Providing Ecofriendly Cold Chain is Necessary for Cold Rooms?

The fruit and vegetable cold chain in Pakistan is vital for the safe preservation and high-quality food products. However, fruit, meat, and poultry stored in prefabricated houses are also prone to deterioration due to delicate food items that spoil easily and can become unsafe in inadequate temperatures.

Food items and fruits should be stored in cold rooms and must be refrigerated from the time they are harvested and ready to be sold.

Consumers cannot wait to consume fruits and poultry products as soon as they hit the market. Otherwise, fruits and vegetables quickly tend to lose their wares and consumers have to face health issues.

In this post, we will discuss the eco-friendly cold storage design and its need and the role it plays in Cold Chain in Pakistan. For strengthening the market, cold rooms are important to establish as we will discover in this post.

What is Eco-friendly Cold Storage?

According to a Forbes post, being eco-friendly means living in a way that is not harmful to the environment. This also means that humans should store and preserve their food and water in a way that does not pose a risk to the already deteriorating earth’s climate.

Ecofriendly is a way of life; it is a new trend that has been gaining popularity over the years due to depleting Ozone layers and the rising global population. This way of life is becoming increasingly important, as we need to protect our planet from man-made damage.

An interesting fact is that cold stores in Pakistan were in the infant stage and were non-existent; fishermen often had to throw away 40 to 60% of their catch. Unfortunately, they had no way to keep their fish cold due to hotter temperatures to keep the fish cool. This is where prefabricated houses in Pakistan will play a role in improving the quality of life of people.

However, after the advancement of Ammonia refrigeration technology in modern cold stores in Pakistan, cold chains in Pakistan now help these fishermen as well to store tons of fish without danger of deterioration. It keeps the meat and poultry items fresh as well.

Moreover, cold rooms are also climate-friendly solutions; they are cost-effective and sustainable because they are powered by engineering and its best practices to ensure cold storage of food items in cold stores in Pakistan.

Why Storage in Prefabricated Houses is Eco-friendly?

In cold stores in Pakistan, food items are stored significantly to maintain the best quality. This is because eco-friendly products have a lower impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

When eco-friendly raw materials are used in the manufacturing or design process, they are transported to the end consumers and made sure that their capacity to remain high-quality remains good.

Therefore, one way of minimizing the impact of hot temperatures on food quality in cold chains in Pakistan is to use PIR panels and Ammonia-based refrigerants to help the environment and food become sustainable.

The cold chains in Pakistan and all its major cities are having a great impact on the sustainability of the environment. Cold stores in Pakistan are helping the environment become greener than ever by using eco-friendly technologies in cold rooms where meat and poultry are stored for the long term.

Moreover, prefabricated houses with PIR panels also help the country and its environment from further depletion of the Ozone layer; it also helps to maximize energy efficiency.

How Cold Stores Solve the Problem of the Environment?

In addition to Pakistan, where fish is significantly lost due to inadequate storage facilities and conditions, the World Economic Forum states that in Sub-Saharan Africa, up to 35 percent of food is lost at the retail level. All relate to inadequate handling and post-harvest losses.

This is the reason why some value chains are facing higher losses; for instance, mango waste is increasing by 50% due to inadequate cold storage solutions.

Similarly, the problem is that if leafy vegetables lose more than 3% of their original weight, consumers can forget about using them. Similarly, the existing solutions for cold stores or cold rooms in Pakistan are not yet extensively available in all cities.

What is the Way forward?

The best and most relevant eco-friendly solution is to improve and expand the existence of cold chains in Pakistan to ensure proper and adequate cold storage of food items. When cold stores in Pakistan are deployed and established in all cities in the country, they will solve the problem of retailers, consumers, and industry people to ensure the sustainability of food.

With rest assured, the fresh food markets in Pakistan are growing with the rising need of the population. Cold rooms are the best solutions for them to test the viability and sustainability of this solution. Cold stores in Pakistan will ensure eco-friendly solutions all across the nation.

The aim of Izhar Foster and one of the top cold storage chains in Pakistan designers is to achieve impact in the areas such as environmental sustainability.

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