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5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Floor Scraper

There are several instances where a machine-powered alternative is way better at getting the job done than a person doing the same work manually. Riding Floor Scrapers are one of those alternatives that help users get rid of all the different layers of the flooring material without the effort or the hassle of doing the work. Floor scrapers are primarily used in warehouse floors, industrial floor spaces, and other buildings where the floors span a wide area and scraping the floor layer material, which spans across a significant area, manually is nearly impossible.

The Benefits Of Machine Floor Scrapers:

Riding Floor Scrapers offer plenty of advantages to customers who are willing to buy or rent them for use:

  1. It saves time and costly manual labour by allowing a single user to complete the job in a few days or hours. Hence, it is significantly less labour intensive, making them ideal for long-term use.
  2. Heavy duty scraping is the best solution to productivity, no matter the floor material or the layer type, offering the best results.
  3. The machine is durable and built to withstand stress and wear. The quality build also ensures that the machine lasts longer and needs less maintenance.
  4. It can effectively peel off, sweep and even vacuum the debris simultaneously. It will leave the floor in much better shape than if it was made to face a manual scraper.
  5. The machine perfectly suits all floor spaces in industries, manufacturing plants, office spaces and large houses across Australia.

Things To Consider When Buying A Floor Scraper:

  1. Frequency Of Use: Buy floor scrapers only if the user is willing to use them frequently for all purposes. If the buyer only uses it a few times a year, then there’s no point in buying one as it will not be cost-effective.
  2. Cost Of The Machine: Don’t go for cheaper models that will break down in a few years. Instead, go for the best quality builds that will require less repair work down the road. Of course, the higher the quality, the more the price, but the frequency of use will surely offset the initial purchasing cost. Plus, considering the cost of manual labour to peel off the layers in a few days, a riding scraper is a way better option in terms of cost and reliability.
  3. ┬áType Of Fuel: Fossil fuel-powered riding scrapers are the most common in Australia, the most common fuels being gasoline, propane and diesel. Battery-powered machines are more environmentally friendly and easier to handle, but they will need an electrical outlet to resupply their power source constantly. Moreover, electric floor scrapers don’t last as long as fossil fuel-powered floor scrapers. Not to mention how charging the battery also takes a longer time, several hours. Fossil fuel-powered scrapers are best to use in colder environments.
  4. Test It Out First: Don’t just buy a floor scraper outright; always test it out first. Testing the machine will help the buyer understand how it works and how well it fares to functionality.
  5. Warranty: Don’t buy a floor scraper without proof of warranty; the machine must have adequate warranty coverage to cover any expenses for repairs or maintenance. Buying a floor scraper can incur a significant expense for a buyer, which is exactly why they need to ensure that the machine is protected with a warranty.

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