Fedora Hats For Women: An Online Guide On Buying This Timeless Headpiece

Fedora hats were considered an accessory that was designed specifically for men. Contrary to popular belief, fedora hats have been part of women’s fashion since the late 1800s and, later, became a globally recognised symbol for the Women’s Right Movement. Now, they have become an irrefutable part of every Australian’s wardrobe. Eric Javits Straw Fedora Hats are one of the must-have headpieces.

As a prominent symbol amongst Australian celebrities and influencers, the fedoras have now undergone a new shift in the trend and have become famous women’s headpieces in the Australian fashion market. In addition to their eye-catching design, the fedoras are also extremely practical when it comes to protecting the face against the scorching Australian heat. So the next time there’s a visit to the beach planned, don’t forget to pack in a reliable fedora hat like the Eric Javits Straw Fedora Hats.

Things To Consider When Buying A Fedora Hat

Just like when it comes to any other dress or fashion wear, fedoras require a lot of things to look at first if people want to buy the right one that will complement their face as well as their body. Read on to find out some pointers to keep in mind when it comes to buying fedora hats in Australia:

  1. Get The Measurements Right: Without the right size, ordering or buying a fedora hat can go wrong in many ways. If the hat is too large it falls over the ears, or if the size is too small it itches the scalp. Get the tape and measure the correct measurement of the head circumference about a quarter above the ears, and the headwear measurements should be coming close to at least ⅛ of an inch. Try it on for size, and if the hat is not too tight or doesn’t appear to flop to the side when the head moves, it’s a correct fit.
  2. Getting Into The Specifics: Classic fedora hats will have the famous tear-drop crowns, but customers can also look into diamond-shaped crowns or ones with a centre crease. Then comes the brim with different widths, positions and other finishes, with the edge remaining finished or unfinished depending upon the brand. The brim can be adjusted at various angles. Adjustable drawstrings are available in some fedoras; it is perfect for customers requiring a more customised fit. Straw or felt and wool are some of the most common materials used in Australia to make fedora hats. As for the overall decoration, go for something solid and classy without all the unnecessary embellishments.
  3. Buy One According To The Body Colour and Shape: The size of the fedora should complement the body shape; otherwise, it will look out of place. Petite women can rock a smaller-size fedorad, whereas broader fedoras can look good on curvy women. Next, the hat should complement the face, and the colour of the fedora should blend with the colour of the skin, especially since the hat just touches the forehead. Women with small or rectangular face shapes will look good in a taller crowned fedora, whereas those with oval or oblong faces can adorn fedoras with shorter crowns.

Fedoras can go well with maxi dresses, rompers, bathing suits for those casual trips to the beach and even with a good pair of jeans and a tank top!

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