CANADA VISA FOR JAPANESE CITIZENS & CANADA VISA FOR HONG KONG CITIZENS Eligibility Criteria – What is the eligibility criteria? Read on to find out. HONG KONG & JAPANESE CITIZENS can travel to Canada for a variety of reasons, from business to pleasure. Because of its migrant population, the country has many re-entrant nations.

ICAO-compliant ePassport to diplomatic missions of Japan

The government of Japan plans to make it easier for citizens of certain countries to visit the country without a visa. Those citizens will soon be able to apply for their visas online, and they won’t need to go to an embassy to fill out long forms. They’ll also be able to bypass the long lines of people. When the new electronic system launches, the first nationality to benefit from it is China. China accounts for 60% of all international tourists to Japan.

In order to apply for an ePassport to Japan, participants must have a valid passport with solid white pages. Applicants should also have an ICAO-compliant ePassport. The Japanese Embassy requires a Japanese passport to be white in color. The ICAO-compliant ePassport will meet this requirement. The GPO will continue its relationship with Thales, which supplies passports to diplomatic missions across the world.

Valid travel document or passport

A valid travel document or passport is required to enter Canada without a visa. In addition, foreign students must meet specific entry requirements. A work permit or study permit is not a valid travel document or passport for Canada. To enter Canada, most travelers will need a valid visitor visa or eTA, which must be linked to their passport. Hong Kong citizens must have a valid eTA in order to apply for a Canada visa.

The Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong answers frequently asked questions regarding Japanese visas. For those citizens from Hong Kong and Macau, a valid travel document or passport is required. An ePassport complies with ICAO standards and contains biometric data. This document features an ePassport symbol on the front cover. The ePassport is a convenient travel document for travelers.

Three-month validity on arrival in Canada

For three-month validity on arrival in Canada, Japanese & Hong Kong citizens must possess a passport with at least six months validity. To extend this period, applicants should contact the Regional Immigration Bureau (RIB) of the Ministry of Justice. They must provide a certificate of completing the ERFS system to the receiving organization. Other documents required for the application include: the purpose of the trip, valid ePassport, other documents and the ERFS system.

The government of Japan has suspended the pre-clearance for APEC Business Travel Card holders. However, it has reinstituted the pre-clearance for those with valid status of residence. In the meantime, the measures pertaining to arrivals in airports remain in effect. Japanese and Hong Kong citizens will have to apply for a visa or obtain a re-entry permit if they wish to enter the country.

Re-entry permit required

In order to obtain a Canada visa for Japanese or Hong Kong citizens, you must first acquire an eTA (electronic travel authorization). Unlike a traditional visa, the eTA can be obtained online and is valid for five years. It also allows Hong Kong citizens to stay in Canada for up to six months without the need for a visa. You will be required to provide certain documents, including your biometric passport, as well as a credit card with sufficient funds or authorization for online payments.

The Hong Kong observatory issues alerts when there are significant storms or meteorological risks. It is especially important to note that humidity in Hong Kong can reach dangerous levels during hot season, which runs from May to October. Heat stroke and dehydration can be deadly, and air pollution is often extremely severe. To avoid these risks, you may wish to book a flight or make an appointment online.

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