Anyone who says video games are only for men doesn’t know the top streamers we’re about to introduce to you in this article. Women who play first-person shooters are sexy and anything but nerds who have to hide in the closet.

Streamer in the field of eSports is a term for those people who stream live broadcasts online. The streamers are mainly found in the field of video games. Gamers often play in front of the camera and comment on the games. They give tips on how to find certain items or how to successfully defeat your opponents. Most start with this topic and later become their own personalities. One of the best-known streamers from Germany, AnnietheDuck, can now be filmed setting up the apartment and broadcasts many areas of her life. A streamer is now more than a commentator who explains games. I will introduce you to my top 5 favorite streamers from the world of Twitch so sit back, relax and Have fun!

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Image Any resides in Los Angeles and is 25 years old. She is one of the best English-language streamers in the world. The gamer does not commit herself to a single game and gambles with different genres. At the moment, “Valiant” is very popular. On some days, Pokimane is watched by over 75,000 viewers as she showcases the latest games. She is currently followed by over 8.9 million followers on Twitch. On average she is online 3-4 hours a day. When she is not streaming games, she likes to promote social causes, such as streaming without makeup in her Pokimane No Makeup stream to normalize natural human aesthetics.


Unlike Pokimane, Loserfruit currently only has 2.7 million followers on. Nevertheless, this number can be considered relatively high. The gamer streams around 5 hours a day and enjoys playing hits like Fortnite, Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales, Pokemon Unite and others.


Amouranth is one of the platform’s most popular female streamers, with over 4.9 million followers to date. She is, nevertheless, dubbed a “Thot” for her sensual sexual material, much like many of the other Twitch chicks that have risen to the top so swiftly.

This sultry streamer has been caught on many occasions breaking the platform’s rules, including wearing the bare minimum, selling nudes, and deceiving viewers into thinking she was single (while actually being married). She then stated that it was all in the name of raising money, in the kindest possible way.

Kaitlyn doesn’t play video games very often, but when she does, it’s usually one that demands a lot of movement, like “simply dance.”


Alinity has around 1.6 million followers, but is not a classic gaming streamer. She covers many themes from her life. She streams at the airport, while shopping and likes to chat with her fans. Animal lovers would be better off avoiding her, as she doesn’t have a good reputation with PETA. To attract readers, the lady is not averse to throwing her cat at a dog or giving her vodka. Alinity is online about 4 hours a day. She frequently plays games like Mario Kart, It Takes Two, and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.


AnniTheDuck is currently the steamer with the most fans in German-speaking countries. According to Twitch, she is currently followed by over 800K viewers who regularly accompany the 23-year-old. She has been a streamer since 2017 and also runs two successful YouTube channels. Anni can not only be observed playing, she is also known for her multiple moves and apartment renovations. She plays Larry Leisure, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Makers & Crafting and Among Us!


Now you know the most successful girls on the streamer market. As you can see, gaming has long since ceased to be a male domain. Check out the girls’ Twitch channels and you might want to get started as a streamer too.

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