SoundCloud Comments

SoundCloud Comments

Getting heard and found on the internet as a brand is challenging. Not every brand can acquire this spot among the audience, but a few ways could help you out. You already know how famous this SoundCloud platform is, which means how difficult it would be to reach its audience. There are many ways for SoundCloud promotion free that helps the musician to promote and improve the ranking of their tracks.

The only thing where you need to put all your attention is in creating extraordinary levels of music and songs. Since you are an artist, promote your tracks by increasing the number of comments. 

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To help you better, we have compiled a list of perfect strategies that will make you reach the audience sooner, whether you are an established musician or a fresh-off-the-boat musician- these tips will lead you to success.                                                                                                                                                                  

Every SoundCloud artist think  –

How to promote your track on SoundCloud?

Promote Your Tracks with SoundCloud Comments

 These are effective tips —

  1. Share it publicly

Well, do you remember the saying? “It’s nice to share” or “sharing is caring”?

 Of course, it is because it shows how much you care for your customers and your listeners. Soundcloud is one of the major platforms that helps you store your music all in one place and share it everywhere, including relevant blogs, and of course, it is also easy to advertise on SoundCloud. Sure, if you have your blog, you can share your tracks there as well. You have got Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, even YouTube to share your music. You can get more comments on your soundtrack by sharing them more.

  1. Be engaged 

You have to be more interactive and active with your listeners, and that’s where you acquire more listeners to your music. When you communicate with your audience, it will make them feel special and pay attention to them. It will help to increase comments.

  •  Always Ask for feedback on your tracks
  •  Ask for input that you posted
  • Ask for suggestions for your next music album. 

Share your day with your audience, always welcome their criticisms politely, and never argue with your audience. Try to reply to almost every comment that you receive on your posts. 

  1. Comment on fellow musician’s posts

Did you know the more encouragement you give to other musicians, the higher your fanbase would be? Of course, even celebrities try to stay active on these social media platforms and try to engage with their fanbase and the audience. You can also join music groups on different social media platforms while participating in various contests and communities. 

Of course, you must comment on something nice on other music pages or individual artists. Ensure that you join the groups that are relevant to your genres and niches. It can also lead to great sales and gigs for your next albums because there are many VIPs and top celebrities on such big social media platforms.

  1. Follow and Listen to musicians!

Of course, you must follow your heart, but at the same time, if you want to grow in your music community and want to gain maximum Soundcloud comments, you must follow other fellow musicians and independent artists. You can also follow the top singers and musicians that you like, but ensure to share the work and music tracks of other fellow musicians, because such kindness and humble behavior can help you to acquire some great gigs or even join a band, which would be a great break for your music career. 

You can also follow or probably get in touch with the critics, content creators, bookers, and music managers from different distribution companies and labels- because even that helps you reach the right audience and get more SoundCloud comments without much effort.

  1. Get real comments 

If you are a new musician on the platform, Soundcloud allows you to track and facilitate your music with a few easy settings to reach the audience. You can get Soundcloud comments cheap without putting much effort into your marketing strategies. However, the more you focus on creating unique music, the quicker you reach the audience. Are you thinking about how to see comments on SoundCloud? Comments on tracks displayed below waveforms.

  1. Post almost every day!

Never ignore your audience, even for a day! We all might get busy, and I know you can’t post every day or come up with new content and fresh ideas every 24 hours, but imagine how great it would be to keep your audience engaged. You may not create content or music tracks every day, but at least you can make some raw vocals or unplugged tracks to impress your audience. You can also post photos, or short reels of your recording or your day, maybe, to keep your audience interactive in your account. It will get you a significant number of Soundcloud comments, likes, and shares, indeed. 


As I already said earlier, promotion and marketing go beyond everything regarding SoundCloud for artists. Of course, you have various marketing strategies that will help you reach the audience in no time. However, you can also follow these tips mentioned above on promoting your tracks without much effort. 

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