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As a musician, you want your music to get recognized. However, not everyone is fortunate to get the attention they deserve. Yes, your music is better than the others but if you miss this one important piece of the music industry puzzle, you are letting success slip from your hands.

It is fundamental that you know how to handle the business side of your industry, marketing.

Music marketing is indispensable in your music career so make sure you know its basics. Don’t feel intimidated, below are 7 marketing truths you should know right now. Many people would love to hear about more detailed information on this subject. If you wish to have guaranteed higher engagement and more visibility on your account. Here’s how to accomplish it: buy youtube subscribers.

1. Music Marketing is not Difficult as You Think

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Many musicians fear marketing. It’s understandable as most of them enter the industry with only the love for music at hand. However, if you want to get your music heard by as many people as possible, learn marketing.

Marketing is not hard stuff. Pretty much, it is a good thing to learn. As long as you are willing to learn and study marketing just how you learned your music, you will definitely enjoy this supposedly difficult thing.

2. It is All About Making Awareness

Musicians think that in order to generate attention from fans, they should make the best music they can. Although necessary, that’s only a part of the big puzzle. The truth is, unfortunately, it will give you few to 0 sales, which is really frustrating.

Your talent is your asset to begin your career however you should tell people you have the gift so they can start listening. Give them the reason to listen to you. Inform them of what you can offer. Convince them that your music is worth their time.

Overall, you only need two things in marketing. First, tell people that your music is available for their consumption. This means you are making awareness. Second, convince them to listen to you, which is important to your career. This is the marketing.

3. It is a Two- Way Process

Most musicians make this one big mistake out of the many— not interacting with their fans. As an artist, your main goal should create a solid fan base that will help spread your word out. If you don’t engage with your fans, you are losing a lot.

Although this engagement won’t give you too much hype, this helps you progress and grow your fan base much quicker.

Your work isn’t just updating your social media accounts but you should also spend a time to gracefully interact and respond to your fan’s messages. The more you do this, the more they become interested in you. And they themselves will help you build a career.

4. It is an On-Going Requirement

Musicians sometimes use marketing the wrong way. They thought that marketing only starts when they are to launch a new album and ends when they are about to start their next project. However, this is a fallacy.

Music marketing begins the moment you make your music public. While the extent and depth of the marketing depends on your undertaking, like releasing a new song or holding your first concert, the process is still ongoing. Meaning, you have to incessantly work during the dullest to the busiest times of your career.

5. You Initially Don’t Get Much Help


When you are new in the industry, you feel alone. No one would probably help you except yourself and a handful of people like a good friend or family member who enjoys your music. However, that’s it. Fans or record labels will help because you are no one, you haven’t proved anything, and you don’t have a big fan base yet.

At this stage, you have to market your music by yourself. Create your website, grow your fan base, connect with promoters, and get more music gigs. Once you have everything set and proven your worth as a musician, it is easier to attract and convince people to help you advance your music.

6. It Requires People’s Involvement


Music marketing requires time and effort so be ready to wear many hats. While you need to do marketing, you should also work on your skills and talent so involving people in your marketing process is vital. Contrary to the above, this step is way easier if you have established your presence.

These people could be a record label company, a marketing team, or anyone who has expertise and experience in the field. Although you hire these people to help you implement a good strategy, you should also help out. Moreover, with the knowledge in marketing, you can assess if you are in the same direction.

Get others involved in your strategy; you are making things lighter for you.

We hope that you had a change of mind about your initial perspective of music marketing. This is something you need to do as a musician to help grow your music further and wider.

Anything you want to share or add to the list, feel free to leave it in the comment box below. 

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