Sugar skull make up Ideas
Sugar skull make up Ideas

Fabulous Sugar Skull Make up Ideas

There are endless makeup options available for you when it comes to Halloween. However, this year, sugar skull makeup is gaining a lot of popularity.

Sugar skull makeup is an interesting way of celebrating the day of the dead. This day holds great significance in Mexican culture.

Are you planning to go for a sugar skull make up theme this Halloween? Are you looking for colorful and feminine sugar skull makeup designs? Get into the spirit of Halloween and grab all you need to get the look.

This article is going to help you have the brightest sugar skull make up ideas. If you are a first-timer, you’ll get to learn the most amazing techniques to do the sugar skull make up like a pro.

Significance of Sugar Skulls in Mexican Culture.

The sugar skull is an integral part of the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. The Day of the dead is a joyous celebration in Mexico to remember the departed soul. People living in Mexico start the celebration on 1st November. It sometimes lasts for a week.

Mexicans uniquely honor their loved ones. They build altars and surround them with candles, flowers, skulls and skeletons, and pictures of their dead loved ones. Families gather in graveyards where the deceased are buried. The cemeteries are beautifully decorated.

The tradition of remembering the dead in Mexico and dedicated a day to it started over 35000 years ago. Aztecs practiced the ritual of honoring the souls of the dead ones on earth.

It is more fun to celebrate the occasion when you know the meaning and purpose behind it. You must be wondering, what is the meaning behind sugar skulls?

At the time of starting the tradition of celebrating the death of the dead ones and honoring their lives, sugar was a natural choice because of its accessibility. Mexicans made skull molds with sugar and water. Since then, sugar skulls hold great importance in Mexican culture on the day of the dead.   

Celebrating the Dead Ones

Sugar skulls are an important part of the day to honor the dead ones. Sugar skulls are made with sugar, chocolates, and almonds with the name of the dead ones written on the forehead.

There is a tradition in Mexico to gift a sugar skull to your loved ones who are alive to remind them that life is temporary and death is the only certain thing.

The celebration of the day of the dead shows the complex culture of Mexico. Mexicans greet the spirit of their loved ones on the day of the dead with elaborative decorations and rituals. The customs of celebrating the day of the dead vary from region to region, but you see Mexican women with sugar skull make up on their faces.

During the time of the celebration of the day of the dead, you see sugar skull make up designs in saloons and sugar skull decorations in the Mexican market stalls.

How to apply sugar skull make up like a pro? 

Your make up is a form of expression. It is an art that gives you the creative freedom to show your personality. You can show your love for the day of the dead by looking your best with fabulous sugar skull makeup. You can try different things to get the desired look.

Every woman has her sense of style. She wants to look unique and beautiful. You can paint your face with sugar skull makeup and still look adorable and gorgeous. The smallest techniques of doing the sugar skull make up is going to make a big difference.

Step 1: Primer and foundation

Apply a moisturizer before applying the primer to your face. Primer hides the pores of your face and gives you a flawless look. You don’t want your pours to show when you are done with your perfect sugar skull makeup.

Apply the base you use regularly. Blend the base properly to set the perfect base. You can get a white base to get a more striking sugar skull look. It is conveniently available online.

While applying the base, make sure that your face is properly covered. Make your face appear completely white by applying multiple base coats.

Step 2: Conceal your Brows

If you want to get the perfect sugar skull to make up look, conceal your brows with a liquid concealer.

Step3: Nail the Eyes.

To get the day of the dead look, you have to nail your eyes. You can either choose to make your eyes Smokey and paint your face with the skeleton mask or you can take the stare to the next level by focusing on the eyes.

Make an eye socket with a pencil eyeliner by drawing a circular shape around your eyes. Add some color to the circular shape. You can choose any color you desire. You can also use different colors. We recommend you to use 3 colors, pink, purple and golden. A shimmery and glittery eyeshade is going to make you appear trendy and chic. Blend, blend and blend the eye shades.

Step 4: Draw a Skeleton Nose 

Use a black eye pencil to draw your nose like a skeleton nose. Create the illusion of a skeleton and use the concealer to neat the edges.

Step 6: Add a lip color 

You are celebrating the dead you’d want to be associated with them. Apply a dark maroon or black lip color to resemble the dead. If you are funky and daring you can apply black lip color as well. Add some stitches with a black liner on your cheeks and lip area. You can dramatically apply the lipstick to make your look more fascinating.

Step 7: Extra features:

Draw small crosses and hearts: To make your look appear more elaborative you can add small crosses and hearts all over your cheeks and forehead.

Draw the spider webs: Drawing spider webs on the forehead and cheeks is also a popular sugar skull make up trend.

Draw flowers: To get a soft look, make flowers on your cheek.

You can watch different makeup tutorials on the internet to get the perfect sugar skull to make up look. These tutorials give you uniquely make up ideas to get the look you crave.

Some Sugar Skull Make up Ideas:

Basic Skull 

If you want to stand out at the party without spending hours on your makeup, you can go for the basic skull makeup design.

Black and white 

You can get this look by painting your half face with black and the other half with white paint. Focus on brightening your eye make up to make them look more interesting.

Half Skull 

Are you looking for the perfect sugar skull makeup designs? The half skull design is quite easy to achieve. You have to apply your routine make up on your face. After doing your base and contouring, you can paint the other half of your face in a shape of a skull.

La Catrina “the Most Popular Day of the Dead Makeup”

Do you know the most common form of sugar skull makes up? It is La Catrina, a strong and prominent skeletal lady figure. Her appearance is colorful, vibrant, and flirtatious. La Catrina is a rich and high society skeleton figure. This is the most iconic sugar skull skeleton figure in Mexico.

 La Catrina was an Aztec death goddess. Mexican woman flaunts with La catrina day of the dead makeup dancing and laughing on the streets.

Don’t’ confuse the Day of the Dead with Halloween

The day of the dead is often confused with Halloween. However, they are both different rituals. The day of the dead is not supposed to be scary and haunting, like Halloween. It is a joyful celebration of honoring the loved ones who died. It’s like celebrating the day of the dead loved one like you’d celebrate his birthday. Families enjoy their favorite music and delicious food in the cemetery.

The idea behind the day of the dead is that we are all skeletons and we are all going to die. There is nothing scary about it.

Don’t Overthink it!

If you are doing your sugar skull makeup, don’t think too much. You already know how to do your make up. All you need to do is apply the base and contour your face perfectly. You can paint a skeleton on your cheek or you can put a black eye shadow on your eyes and make your eyes in a shape of a socket with a pencil. This is not something difficult to do.

Ending Thoughts

Our sugar skull makes up ideas that are simple and easy to try at home. You can also book an appointment with a professional to get the look.

Juice up your creative muscles by doing the sugar skull makeup at home. Get inspiration from various makeup tutorials.

Get creative with the sugar skull makeup. You can make your look impressive and dramatic by crowding your face with spider webs, flowers, and stitches.

This guide is going to make a positive difference to your makeup. Keep the tips in mind and carry your day of the dead look perfectly.

Happy celebrating.

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