The wood-fired pizza oven isn’t just some novelty; it’s the essential tool that will elevate your homemade pizzas from casual meals to gourmet indulgences. With one of these in your home, you don’t have to settle for store-bought or delivery when it comes time to create a tasty meal out of those random ingredients left over from last night’s dinner. A wood fire pizza oven can make the best pizzas you’ve ever tasted, and that’s not hyperbole! Take a look at why this is true.

Choosing The Right Pizza Dough

Different pizza doughs have different characteristics, depending on the type of flour, the amount of yeast or sugar, and how much water is used. One option is to buy pre-made pizza dough from your local grocery store. You can also make your own by using recipes found online. You will need 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, one teaspoon salt, one tablespoon olive oil, two teaspoons instant yeast, and 1 cup warm water. Add the ingredients to a mixer bowl with the dough hook attached.

Prepping The Dough

Mix the flour and yeast in a large bowl. Mix in the salt and olive oil until combined. Add water gradually while mixing with your hands or a spoon until the dough comes together. If the dough is sticky, add flour; if it’s dry, add more water. -Cover with plastic wrap and let rise for an hour or two. -Press down on the dough to deflate, then cover again and let rest 15 minutes before rolling out. -Roll out onto a floured surface into the desired shape. -Transfer the pizza to the preheated oven. Bake for 8-10 minutes until the cheese is bubbling and the crust browns.

Adding The Toppings

What are the best toppings for pizza? The possibilities are endless. Some favourites are fresh mozzarella and roasted bell peppers, Prosciutto with figs and pine nuts, or caramelised onions and prosciutto. The most important thing is to ensure your pizza dough is well-rested before putting on your toppings. If you’re using store-bought dough, allow it to proof in the refrigerator overnight.

Baking The Pizza

Place the pizza dough on a wooden peel, and shake to ensure it is of even thickness. Spread a thin layer of sauce on the dough, then add desired toppings. Drizzle olive oil over the top then slides the pizza from the peel onto the oven floor. Bake for 5-7 minutes, rotating halfway through. The bottom crust should be charred with grill marks, while the cheese will be bubbling up around the edges of the crust. Use a metal peel to remove from the oven and serve immediately.

Enjoying Your Perfect Pizza!

One of the keys to making great pizza is a hot oven. The best pizzas are made in a wood fire pizza oven. This type of oven reaches temperatures higher than 900 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for the pizza to cook very quickly on the outside and remain moist on the inside. If you don’t have access to a wood-fired pizza oven, you can use an electric or gas oven with a baking stone and make sure it is heated up enough before adding your dough and toppings.


Woodfire pizza ovens are the best way to make pizzas because they produce a crispy crust and a nice smoky flavour. The only downside is that they take up space and cost more than an electric oven. If you have the space, it will make all your pizza dreams come true.


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