Instagram is one of the most using apps worldwide. Many people are using Instagram and posting whatever they like. You can post anything you want and can even show people your location through GPS. Many people go to places and upload stories and posts on their Instagram while sharing their exact location. Even if you want to change your location on your Instagram, you can add any place on the location. However, it will not tell you the exact place, so you need to make sure that the place is original.

Most people don’t want others to know where they are exactly, so for this, they post pictures or upload stories and add the location of any other place. Moreover, what you see on Instagram is according to your region. For instance, if you are living in the US, so you will see the content on your Instagram according to the area. Also, when you wish to mention the location, so Instagram will suggest nearby places according to your area. Therefore, you can change the location on Instagram accurately if you download MXCode location changer app.

What Does a Location Changer App Do?

With a location changer app like FakeLoc, you can easily change the location on Instagram without any difficulties. For this, you simply have to download Instagram and then the FakeLoc location changer app from MXCode software. Afterward, you will have to allow everything on Instagram and when uploading a story or a post, you can simply change the location. For this, you will have to go to the FakeLoc app and change your phone’s location from the maps. This way, your location will be changed on your phone and now, you can easily search for any location nearby your changing area.

Easy Location Changing on Instagram

With these steps, you can easily spoof or change your location on not just Instagram, but on other apps as well. FakeLoc app works in every application available on Mac and Windows. If you want to change your location on your iPhone, then this app will be useful for you. Also, Instagram will never know that you are using a fake location changer app on your phone, and this way, you can get access to the content according to the region you have set. Lastly, make sure not to let people get an idea that you are faking your location whenever you are live streaming on Instagram.

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