How to Prepare Your Toddler for Nursery School

We know all the emotions parents, especially mothers, go through when they need to send their little one to preschool for the first time where their child has to stay away from them for a few hours. These few hours may feel like ages for sure but remember it is essential for your children to start their new journey and become independent.

Now let’s look at how to prepare your child for a big transition to preschool from that of a home environment. Also, read about useful tips that you can practice to prepare your child for her Nursery School.


This beginning is a milestone for you and your child, therefore it is important that you keep them and yourself in good spirits. The trick is to keep it low-key and pretend as if it’s a routine task. Your body language and your temperament will go a long way to comfort your child when she ventures into unchartered territories.

Top Tips from a Pune International School

Make it fun

Play with them (Teacher and Student role), ask questions related to the interview; For eg:-” What is your name?”,” Who are your family members”?, ”What is your favorite TV Show? etc., so that they learn and understand the process of communicating with new people.

Help them with their answers and use role-play as a game to help them speak up. Introduce the topic of Nursery School and how the environment will be in one. Teach them a few things like wishing others, differentiating colors, and shapes, singing rhymes, etc. Answer all their questions patiently. Reassure them that they will have a lot of fun at their preschool, this will make them happy and confident.

Read for Them

The best thing to prepare yourself and for your child is to get more information by reading blogs. There are many parenting blogs online where parents can get knowledge and new insights on how to handle such situations.

Pune International School has blogged for parents where they keep posting such information related to the nursery admission process, parenting tips, preschool tips, etc. The more you know, the better you will feel and it will help you in preparing your child for their special day.

Familiarize them with the new surroundings of the Nursery School

Visit your child’s preschool before the actual interview so that they get familiar with the surroundings and this will increase their comfort and confidence.

Find peers

Check if you have someone in your locality that is going to the same school or try to make friends with a few parents during submitting applications or during the admission process so that your child gets new friends to play with

Listen to your child’s worries

Pune International School suggests parents patiently listen to their child and their worries, they should answer their queries and reassure them that they are going to meet new friends where they will play and have fun.

Reassure them that you are waiting for them outside the school and will quickly pick them up. Let them know that they do not need to worry about seeing other children cry; it’s normal.


Go shopping with them, buy all the necessary stuff but make sure you buy all the things of their choice and ask for their opinion too. This will make them excited about the prospect of attending a Nursery School. Label all items and ask them to take care of all those things.

Prepare them for Preschool schedule

Start the routine or schedule it a few months before so that they form the habit of getting up and getting ready. You can avoid a situation where you may have to drag them against their wishes.

Tips for the first day of the school by Pune International School

  • Wake up early so that you do not have to rush
  • Pack their favorite lunch
  • Give them their favorite toy to carry

These strategies will definitely ease the jitters of separation for the first day at preschool.


Children do cry on their first day so do not worry, be rest assured that teachers of Pune International School have many years of experience and are well trained to handle such situations.

Your child won’t be able to fully express their worries but as a parent, you should understand what’s bothering them and try to make them calm and happy.

Remember that your child is facing new changes in their life so give them more support, love, care, and handle them patiently.

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